Shellharbour City Stadium – July Temporary Closure

Dear Players, Coaches, Managers and Parents

Please be advised that no indoor sports activities including Illawarra Force Futsal matches will be conducted at Shellharbour City Stadium during the majority of July 2017 due to council re-polishing the flooring on the stadium’s indoor courts.

Note that should an alternate venue becoming available during this time we will advise all teams as soon as possible; otherwise all competitions will resume in August 2017.

Be sure to check your competition’s draw/schedule for all the latest dates and times.

Thank you for your understanding,

Illawarra Force Futsal

Illawarra Force FUTSAL Youth – Final’s Results

U/12-13 Girls

The Untouchables 4 – The Rebels 0

U/10 Boys

Socceroos 2 – Park Boys 1

U/11 Boys

Allstars 11 – Men In Black 1

U/12 Boys

APR United 7 – Mexican Republic 0

U/13 Boys

Scorpions 1 – Koala Bears 3

U/14 Boys

Sweaty Nerds 3 – Manchest Hair Utd 1

U/15 Boys

Edible Shoulders 0 – Crushers  1

U/16 Boys

Stingey Snappers 0 – V11 Apostles 6

U/17 Boys

Nick Coast Utd 6 – The 6 Commandments 3

Illawarra Force FUTSAL Youth – Semi-Final Results and Final’s Schedules

U/10 Boys

Socceroos 10 – HD Strikers 0

Park Boys 5 – Game of Throw In’s 4

U/11 Boys

All Stars 11 – # United 1

Men in Black 2 – Galaxy FC 1

U/12-13 Girls

The Untouchables 6 – Joey’s 2

The Rebels 3 – Hot Shots 1

U/13 Boys

Scorpions 8 – Tornadoes 2

Real Nuggets 0 – Koala Bears 2

U/14 Boys

Sweaty Nerds 9 – Daptilian Lizards 5

Banditz 0 – Manchest Hair Utd  1

U/15 Boys

Edible Shoulders 2 – Power of Park 0

Crushers 11 – Black Magic 3

U/16 Boys

Stingey Snappers 4 – Tekkerz FC 2

The Abusement Park 1 – V11 Apostles 4

U/17 Boys

2 Goals 1 Cup 4 – 10 Commandments 5

Nick Coast Utd 4 – Hardley Athletic 3

Finals Schedule

Friday 31/03/2017 

U/10 Boys

6.00pm                 Court 1

Socceroos V Park Boys

U/12-13 Girls

6.00pm                 Court 2

The Untouchables V The Rebels

U/11 Boys

6.30pm                 Court 1

Allstars V Men In Black

U/12 Boys

6.30pm                 Court 2

APR United V Mexican Republic

U/13 Boys

7.00pm                 Court 1                

Scorpions V Koala Bears

U/15 Boys

7.00pm                 Court 2                

Edible Shoulders V Crushers

U/16 Boys

7.30pm                 Court 1                

Stingey Snappers V V11 Apostles

U/17 Boys

7.30pm                 Court 2                

Nick Coast Utd  V The 10 Commandments

U/14 Boys

8.00pm                 Court 1                

Sweaty Nerds V  Manchest Hair Utd

Illawarra Force FUTSAL Juniors/Youth – Presentation and Semi-Final Schedules

Semi-Final/Presentation Schedule
Friday: 24/03/2017







U/6/7/8/9’s U/6/7/8/9’s
U/6/7/8/9’s U/6/7/8/9’s U/6/7/8/9’s
6:00pm U/10 Semi-Final 1 U/11 Semi-Final 1 U/12-13G Semi-Final 1
Socceroos V HD Strikers Allstars V # United The Untouchables V Joey’s
6:30pm U/10 Semi-Final 2 U/11 Semi-Final 2 U/13 Semi-Final 1
Park Boys V Game of Throw Ins Men In Black V Galaxy F.C. Scorpions V Tornadoes
7:00pm U/12-13G Semi-Final2 U/13 Semi-Final 2 U/14 Semi-Final 1
The Rebels V Hotshots Real Nuggets V Koala Bears Sweaty Nerds V Daptilion Lizards
7:30pm U/14 Semi-Final 2 U/15 Semi-Final 1 U/16 Semi-Final 1
Banditz V Manchest Hair United Edible Shoulders V Power Of Park Stingey Snappers V Tekkerz F.C.
8:00pm U/15 Semi-Final 2 U/16 Semi-Final 2 U/17 Semi-Final 1
Crushers V Black Magic The Abusement Park V V11 Apostlers The 10 Commandments V 2 Goals 1 Cup
8:30pm U/17 Semi-Final 2
Nicks Coast UTD. V Hardley Athletic

Illawarra Force FUTSAL Senior Men & Women – Final’s Results

Last Tuesday the Illawarra Force Futsal Association concluded the finals of the Men and Women’s Summer Competitions.

All the finals were played at the Shellharbour City Stadium.

Women’s Futsal Primera League

For the first time in many years we had a women’s competition with 8 teams competing over 18 rounds of Futsal with an amazing 1266 goals scored. Hopefully the Futsal competition helped the girls improve their skills which they’ll take with them into the outdoor competition.

The girls had a great time and competition co-ordinator Gina predicts an increase of teams for the next Futsal summer season.

Semi-Final Results:

‘Have a Go’ defeated ‘Goal Diggers’ 10-1

‘Ninjas’ defeated ‘Just for Kicks’ 8-3

‘Have a Go’ won all their games during the competition proper and it was only fitting that they beat ‘Ninjas’ in the final who finished second in the competition.

Finals Result:

‘Have a Go’ defeated ‘Ninjas’ 10-3


The biggest upset of the competition was the Semi-Final loss of minor premiers ‘Netflix and Skills’ to 4th placed ‘Ross & Wales’ 5-6. Whilst ‘Game Over’ went through to the finals without kicking a ball thanks to 3rd placed ‘Caufield United’ failing to turn up for the semi-final.

Semi-Final Results:

‘Game Over’ (WOF) defeated ‘Caufield United’ (LOF)

‘Ross & Wales’ defeated ‘Netflix and Skills’ 6-5

The Final was played between ‘Game Over’ and ‘Ross & the Wales’ with the latter not able to produce the same feat of the semi-final with Game Over proving too strong in the final.

Finals Result:

‘Game Over’ Defeated ‘Ross & the Wales’ 10-4

Illawarra Men’s Futsal League

The Semi-Finals for the Illawarra Men’s League was contested by two of the longest participants at Illawarra Force FUTSAL Assoc – ‘Underdogs’ and ‘Inaco’. They took on two of the newest teams, ‘Murder on Zidance Floor’ and ‘West Ham Sandwiches’.

Semi-Final Results:

‘Underdogs’ defeated ‘Murder on Zidance Floor’ 9-8

‘Inaco’ defeated ‘West Ham Sandwiches’ 3-1

The final was a very close contest with ‘Inaco’ winning by the odd goal.

Finals Result:

‘Inaco’ defeated ‘Underdogs’ 4-3


Those teams wishing to enter the Winter League please download and complete the entry form from the ‘Registration’ link in the Home Page and email to Gina Jones:

or to the office

Season Greetings!

Illawarra Force Futsal and NSW Futsal Association wishes all players, coaches, managers and parents a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have a great holiday and see you all back in 2017.

Please drive safely, and if you drink, don’t drive!